Making meshes

Mesh creation in Processing

This is the second lab for CSE 5543: Geometric Modeling in Spring 2018.

My implementation uses Processing, a small package that allows for quick creation of graphical user interfaces (GUIs), which allows me to easily create buttons, input fields, and display the curves.

Using algorithms learned in class, one can 1) Create, delete, and edit points in the drawing area 2) Chose the way the mesh will be created 3) Perform that action and view the mesh in 3D

Using a Bezier curve as input, we can create a mesh by linking together a number of these curves, all transformed in some way. We can rotate it with a revolution about an axis, transform it with an extrusion into the z-dimension, or transform it another way using a trajectory wire. Each one of these ways creates a mesh in 3D.

The code generates a .off file (object file format) that can be readily accessed in a few mesh softwares, such as MeshLab (see photo).

Click here to view the source code, or play with the application yourself from the builds folder!