Midterm 2 Review


Reviewing for Midterm 2

Example exam (with answers at end) created by me: CSE 2221 Midterm 2 Example.pdf

Note that my exam isn't written exactly like the exams given in class. This example is more to help you review and discover what topics you still have problems with. My example was created to be pretty difficult, and you shouldn't expect to see all of those coding questions on one exam.

Please also take a look at Logan's page, linked to at the top of my main teaching page. He has created a study guide for this exam. It would also be wise to review midterm 1 content from my site and Logan's site!


Q: Do I need to memorize functions for XMLTree, SimpleWriter, etc.?

A: For the most part, no. You do not need to remember everything that the XMLTree class can do and the specific function calls. When we think you need to know a function call, we will tell you on the test. For example, we don't expect you to memorize how to make a new Random1L and create a double in [0, 1). We tell you how to do that, and then ask you to do something with that information. That said, we do expect you to know things like how to read a line of input, or output a line with in.readLine() and out.println(). You shouldn't need to look at the OSU components API for anything on the exam, but we will provide the API documentation printed at the end of your exam if we think it might help you.

Q: What is covered on the exam?

A: Everything we've covered so far, this exam is cumulative. Java/JVM, variables, mathematical models for those variables, control flow, loops, static methods, parameter passing, arrays, design by contract, trees, XML documents, CheckStyle/FindBugs, HTML, recursion, reference types, tracing tables, anything we've done in projects and anything we've done in lab. If you've seen it in class/lab/homework/projects, its fair game!

Q: How long is the exam?

A: 55 minutes, one class period. You will probably need the entire class period. Come with a pencil and eraser.

Q: Where is the exam?

A: In the lecture room for the class, as defined on your section page on the CSE 2221 home page.

Good luck and have fun! Go Bucks.