Project 1 tips

Project 1: Create your own home page

Actually there aren't any tips I have here. Pretty straightforward. Follow the instructions and make a simple HTML page with everything required.

At the bottom it mentions the Personal Web Space you have available for free through OSU. That's actually what I'm using to host this entire site! You can use that to build your own website to host your projects or have a page for recruiters/interviewers to see. Pair it with Bootstrap to have a great looking webpage super easily.

UPDATE: they have actually cancelled this free website hosting through the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. There is still a u.osu website you can maintain and edit, but you have less control over custom webserver controls. I have moved my personal website to a Raspberry Pi 4 that I have sitting on my desk, and I reccomend you do something similar for your own web hosting! Other alternatives are Amazon AWS,, and Google Sites. Feel free to email if you have questions about hosting your own website.