Student Resources

Here are a number of links to pages that compile most of the student resources we have on campus. These resources can help students from all walks of life. I urge you to look through the resources and see if any are applicable to you - it could help make your time as a student much more enjoyable and lead to a better career in the end.

Arts and Sciences student resources page list of resources

Student Life list of resources

I also want to hilight a number of resources that I've found particularly helpful for myself or friends during my undergrad at OSU.

General academic advising and CSE advising. Advising was crucial to me as an undergrad. Whether its questions about scheduling classes or questions about career choice, like graduate school, the CSE undergraduate advising was able to help. They've expanded in the last three years to have more advisors, and moved to a bigger office in Dreese. They're paid to help you, so take advantage!

Younkin Success Center. This is a very useful resource for tutoring, writing, or language help. There are many services within the building, so be sure to check out the website.

Counseling and Consultation Services and Student Wellness Center. Taking care of your health during college is crucial to getting the most out of your education and experiences while on campus! These resources exists to assist you with whatever may be troubling you. I'd like to shout out wellness coaching at the Student Wellness Center, where my girlfriend is a wellness coach :)

Student Life Disability Services. This is essential for anyone with a disability at OSU. Register with them to take advantage of the accomodations and services they offer for the disability you have.

Student Legal Services. These folks are happy to check over any legal documents you might find yourself with, such as lease documents for an apartment you might live in. Take advantage of them while you can!

Title IX. A resources for victims of sexual misconduct. There are also tips for those supporting survivors of sexual misconduct. Also note that as a faculty member at OSU, I am a mandatory reporter for any instances of sexual miscontuct I hear about.

The RPAC. Physical wellness falls into one of the nine dimensions of wellness outlined by the Student Wellness Center, and the RPAC is a fantastic way to keep that in check! I personally love going there for a workout over lunch or after class on the way home. Besides this, there are also many other gyms on campus to visit. As students that sit in front of a computer for a living, it might be important to get moving every now and then.

Those are some of the hilights I can think of! Please do look through the list of resources to make sure you're not missing out on support you could be receiving, and please tell me if you think another item is worth adding to my hilights!